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CHT LDP+ Final Report

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In support of County Health Teams (CHT’s) to effectively, manage and lead health services in Liberia, GIZ in consultation with the Ministry of Health contracted the Development Educational Network of Liberia (DEN-L) to deliver a Leadership Development Program Plus (LDP+) for CHT’s in the 5 South East counties (Maryland, Grand Gedeh, River Gee, Sinoe, Grand Kru). The LDP+ is an experiential learning and performance improvement training module developed by Management Sciences for Health (MSH) in 2002 to empower health managers and leaders at all levels of the health system by applying leadership, management, and governing practices to face challenges, and achieve measurable results.

In accordance with the LDP+ design, GIZ in collaboration with the MOH identified an LDP+ champion within the MOH and constituted a Governing body of about 10 MOH officials who were responsible to oversee, support and guide the implementation the LDP+ activities. An inception meeting was held (often referred to as Senior Alignment Meeting in LDP+ terms) with the MOH Governing body where GIZ introduced DEN-L as the training organization responsible to facilitate the LDP+ and shared other details about DEN-L’s contract deliverable and responsibilities.