The primary thrust of our work is training for transformation using the DELTA methodology. Developed by Anne Hope and Sally Timmel, DELTA integrates insights from five major sources: Paulo Freire’s work on critical awareness, human relations training in group work, organizational development, social analysis, and spiritual sources of inspiration.

It allows open space techniques and uses a combination of tools such as codes, role-plays, case studies, plenary discussions, focused group discussions, simulation games etc. The participatory, interactive, and experiential nature of this method helps raise the consciousness of those who are socially underprivileged, economically deprived, and politically excluded for positive actions.

The DELTA methodology aims to promote critical analysis of local, national, and international situations as part of development action planning. It facilitates democracy and increased accountability in organizations and the wider society. The methodology seeks to build solidarity, collaboration, and networking amongst international, national, and community-based groups involved in humanitarian, development, advocacy, and rights-based work.

DELTA methodology is a living example of growth in realistic drives to transformation through cycles combining action-reflection, and theory-practice. Since the 1970s, DELTA has gone against mainstreams of transformation which place more emphasis on things than on people, and insists that transformation is about people and not things.