Africa Development Education Network (ADEN)

We are member of a number of networks including the Africa Development Education Network(ADEN). ADEN mission is to Promote Development Education networks for radical social change. This means that has to facilitate, support and nurture member organisations in their fight to eradicate poverty and injustice on the African continent. ADEN does this by building and strengthening the human and institutional capacities of its members to carry out effective grassroots development education programmes. In doing so, the grassroots organisations are empowered to articulate and implement a development agenda rooted in their own experience and analysis.

West Africa Network for Peace-building (WANEP)

We are a member of The West Africa Network for Peacebuilding (WANEP) , a leading Regional Peacebuilding organization founded in 1998 in response to civil wars that plagued West Africa in the 1990s. Over the years, WANEP has succeeded in establishing strong national networks in every Member State of ECOWAS with over 500 member organizations across West Africa.

Advanced Development Education Practitioners Program (ADEPP)

We are also member of the Advanced Development Education Practitioners Program (ADEPP). The ADEPP was established in October 2013 to support the government-backed, sector-led national support body for the Further Education and Training sector. We are a registered charity.

We are the guardian of the Professional Standards for the sector. Our professional membership body, the Society for Education and Training (SET), has around 20,000 members, making it the largest professional membership organisation for practitioners in the post-16 sector. The ETF through SET remains the only body which confers Qualified Teaching Learning and Skills (QTLS) status and Advanced Teacher Status (ATS).